Oil on wood panel

Surrendering Chroma

What if Color was drained away and only VALUE was left? Could you see with new eyes?

Oil on wood panel

Surrendering Chroma

Copyright Garret Maytum

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Slaying the Dragon

Goal of the day Slay the might Beast and conquer “Color Theory” finals, so I can go surf some concrete in the sun.

Click me to vote PLEASE! 🙂

I have entered the St. Patrick’s Day photo contest hosted my Dublin Dog your vote for my Happy Dog Mickey would be AWESOME. All you have to do is click the picture and like the Dublin Dog page, then vote for the picture you see above. You can vote once a day tell April 9th so let’s do this thing 🙂 and spread the word friends :).

Dublin Dog “Need Your Help”!

Well guys I need your help! Dublin Dog is hosting a photo contest for there upcoming website. If you could click the link Dublin Dog and vote for the pictures labeled Garret staring my cute dog Mickey your help would be much appreciated if we could win this thing that would be AWESOME! Thanks for your help and I plan to post soon after finals are done with. So see ya later!

I am Sultan

Rise of the Dalek


Dalek 8

What do you get when you mix two Doctor Who nerds, a dog and snow together?….. pure AWESOMENESS. Enjoy please comment and tell me what you think of StoryGirl’s and my snow sculpting skills.