Month: February 2011

Computer go BOOM BOOM!

O'ahu - Honolulu - Waikīkī: Kuhio Beach Park -...

Image by wallyg via Flickr

While I am having some computer trouble right now, it decided to reset my internet, email, and some school stuffs sooo…… I probably won’t post tell I get everything back to normal. Hopefully sooner than later “crosses fingers”. I am also leaving for vacation to Honolulu on sunday to visit my big bro and his family and just have any awesome time. While seen you later hope you have as much fun as I am going to have in the next two weeks. Stand Strong my friends



Chewy Candy for the Week

“Preach Jesus! use words if you must”
Mr. Carrier

For me quotes and psalms are like a piece of chewy, sticky, candy . When you pop them in your mouth they get stuck on your teeth, you have to work at it to get it unstuck, but you still enjoy the sweetness well working at it. Quotes make you think. They can wrap up some ones worldview in a sentence Psalms make you ponder your life and what you are doing with it. This is the first quote of a weekly post that I will be doing so enjoy and don’t worry you can’t get a stomach ache from this candy.