Month: March 2010


Well I have surfaced from the chaos and confusion that has been my life for the past month, what was the chaos well my big sister got married it is amazing how much planing and preparation  goes into one day. One things I noticed in the planing of the wedding was that all the decorating was inspired by a book, magazine someone else wedding, that got me thanking where do most artist get their inspiration. I did some research I look at some of the old greek and roman art finding that most of their art was inspired by the human body

the Aztecs got their inspiration  from death

then I did a more modern search and found that most artist today get inspired from emotionsAfter all my research I still had one thing was still had one question, me as a Christian artist where should I get my inspiration?  most people would simple answer the Bible, so I went back and researched some more, most Christian art inspired by the Bible was either really old or  was really weird  and most of the art was very hard to understand. I thank why most of them were hard to understand  was that the artist spiritualized everything.So yes I could get my inspiration from the Bible and try to make it as clear as possible but then I thought why not get inspired  from the person that inspired  the Bible God. So my goal this year is to ask God what He would like me to paint. it’s going to take  a while to get used to stop and pray every time I started to draw. My prayer time in the morning from now on is going to be done with sketch book in lap and pencil in hand. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out but for now stand strong in speech, conduct, purity, and faith. CHAZAQ


Standing Strong