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Body Doodles

Tube of henna +  crazy artist = AW+SUM doodles

Lotus bracelet

Lotus bracelet

What do you guys think? What do you want to see more of? You can see more of my henna art here

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AW+SUM T-Shirt

Somethings in this world are just AW+SUM….Like a math problem. Hahahahaa

Like a Math problem

Like a Math problem

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Symbolism of Purity

How do you describe purity? How do you depicted purity? A couple of weeks ago I was commissioned to design an image that screamed purity in all it forms. The picture was to be an inspiration and encouragement to the person that was receiving the gift. The message was to never stop reaching for purity and that there is constant grow involved in a person that chooses to live a pure purpose drive life dedicated to God.

A lady in white is a common sign for purity in both Greek and Mediaeval art work. In this piece I was asked to use the White Lady of Rohan dress from “The Lord of the Rings Return of the King”.In the maiden’s hair you can see a net of pearls according to some source the pearl means purity or virtue. Underneath the pearls you will find the celtic knot of the Trinity and three white roses, these also has hundreds of meanings I chose them to show that we can find purity in the Father, Son, Holy Spirit. The three white roses show that the Trinity is one like in the knot but is also three separate people.  Woven into the braid are three stones two white and one red. The two white stone symbolize the purity if the body while the red stone represents purity of the mind and emotions.

Sense ancient times Asian cultures have held the Lotus as a symbol of purity. The lotus shows different stages of purity depending on how it is depicted. A white lotus shows the purity of body and red shows the purity of mind and heart. A blooming lotus symbolizes the purity that the person has achieved, while a closed lotus illustrates the potential that the person has and growth that is still in progress. The ripples in the water symbolize that if someone is willing to walk pure and righteous for the Lord they will make a difference in their surroundings. 

In the background we can see that white birch create a path way lining the water edge and show the path the maiden has chosen to take. In Celtic lore white birch symbolize growth, strength, loyalty, purity, and renewal.The white stag is a timeless symbol showing up in cultures all around the world with a hundreds of different meanings. In a mediaeval lore knights and kings are always chasing or hunting a white stag but can never reach it. The white stag is a symbol of divine purity something we can never achieve as humans, but we should alway strive to reach and never give up the chase.

The reason I painted the maiden in water is because water is constantly changing and being renewed by rain or other sources. Water also washes away the dirt from are bodies and has been used Biblical as sign of washing away sins and becoming a new creation when Christ is Lord of are lives.

While that is it! I hope you enjoyed the description of the symbolism and I hope you have taken something away that you did not know before. If you did please comment and let me know what it was and if you have any deeper questions about this piece please don’t hesitate to ask them. Thanks for reading! Stand Strong my friends.


A warrior of the Living God

Rise of the Dalek


Dalek 8

What do you get when you mix two Doctor Who nerds, a dog and snow together?….. pure AWESOMENESS. Enjoy please comment and tell me what you think of StoryGirl’s and my snow sculpting skills.

A Little Different

While think of ways to tell you guys about my latest ” Though Provoking Picture” I decided to try some thing a little different, instead of me making video and telling you what to see in my art work. I am give you guys the chance to let me know what the picture means to you. What do you feel? what emotion does it strike in you? what do you think the meaning is? Does it make you want to change or do something? So please take the time to look closely at every detail and remember the first thing that pops into your head and post a comment letting me know what it is. I will post a video in week to wrap things up and tell you what I was thinking well creating this piece. Have fun, tell next time Stand Strong.

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A Lady in Shadow

Back to the Real World…..

run Forest! run!

running leap and then trip and fall

Just like the title says I’m back from my vacation in  Garden Grove California. I thought I would come back ease into nice school schedule life would be good, but things rarely go as planed. It was more like a running leap trip then fall flat of face type of week. It’s been very hectic and I haven’t even started school, I’ve been looking at career options( Illustration of Landscape Architect are my biggest two) , reading, studying for my drivers permit, making design plans for are family garden ( that will be a later post), getting back into a work schedule with my two bosses and on top of all that my dog Mickey was attacked by a stray dog in are neighborhood and now has seven stitches which are now becoming infected ( huge vet bill). Know that I given you an over view on what my lives been like let me just say my God is AWESOME I don’t know what I would do with out Him to trust in and point my thoughts to when life seems to be going on around me and I’m just stuck floating doing nothing. Even though my life has been wild this past week it seems that I’ve had all the time in the world to do the thing that brings me joy, Art. When I draw all my fears, worries, and burdens mean nothing I’m at peace its like going on a vacation every time I look at a blank piece of paper and see the potential of what it could become.

Women in Shadows

"A Lady in Shadow: in progress

Here is one of the pieces I finished this week named “A Lady in Shadow” ( what a classic art name I know) it was done using earth colored chalk on Carson 18”x24” paper. I Started it as a quick gesture pose study but I was kind of sucked in to my art and this is the end result I’m very pleased on how it turned out, You see I hate drawing people, but I finally broke the ice with Gods helping hand leading the way.

A Lady in Shadow

"A Lady in Shadow" full

Women in Shadows

"A Lady in Shadow" close up

Cannabis plant

room to grow

I didn’t get everything right and still have lots of room to grow but that’s just life. For now I will continue to following my God and King to the best on my ability as a saved sinner. I pray that your week will go better than my did and if it does not remember God is always there even when we fill alone, so lean on Him. Stand Strong my friends holding things of this world loosely and holding fast to God.


A Warrior of the Living God.

What is IT?

Our you good at riddles because I have decided to do some thing new on my blog this summer. I am going to post pictures or at least part of a picture (can’t make it to easy) that have a riddle or question that goes along this them. What you have to do is comment and tell me what you see in the picture and what you thank the answer is. The only rule to the game is that you comment because if you don’t, I will just be sitting here playing all by my lonesome self. 😦 So here it goes. 😀

The creature in this picture is a dying breed on the verge of extinction but all hope is not lost, with our help we can bring them back to their former state . What is IT ?

I will post the answer after I see at least two people try to answer  or just guess what it is a picture of.

sense only one person has guessed what the picture is I will give you a guys a hint, A creature that is noble, fierce, majestic, and loyal to there (Master).

Well here it is. A creature (human) that is loyal to there Master (God) is fierce, noble, and majestic is a knight of  Christ. Why our knights forgotten know days? Why are  they  seen as a thing of the passed?  The way I see it if you are loyal to Christ fighting for His kingdom and His cause .why our not all Christians seen as knights of Christ? So are you willing to help me bring back the order of the Knights of Christ?

What is IT?

What is IT?

Knight of Christ

answer. A Knight of Christ