What inspires me ohohh ya that is good!

One thing for Sure!!!

One thing is for sure, my life is not my own…it belongs to some ONE much more qualified to handle and direct it.

One thing is for sure, this is not my home…but I will party and dance tell I get there.

Speedball Ink, Sharpie and pental pen of Bristol board

Speedball Ink, Sharpie and pental pen of Bristol board


AW+SUM T-Shirt

Somethings in this world are just AW+SUM….Like a math problem. Hahahahaa

Like a Math problem

Like a Math problem

Please do NOT copy images they are under artist Copy Right (C) Garret B. Maytum.

Thank you


As I shut my eyes to find peace and rest, my mind explodes into a million pieces. Shattering the world around me into shards of what it use to be. Sparks floating on the winds of yesterday ignite fires of creativity that burn tell they consume me. Burning away everything that is not in perspective and refocusing my eyes on the ONE  who has an all-consuming love for me.

Hearing Color?

Can you hear in color? if you close your eyes and listen to music what do you see? What do you imagine? For me It is kind of like this scene from Ratatouille. I see splashes of color mixing together and forming into pictures usually about something that I have been pondering or reading recently. Lets do an experiment! I am going post three different genres of music I would like you to listen to each of them but DON’T watch the video. Close your eyes and just listen and comment to this post tell me what you see. (Genre 1)   (Genre 2)  (Genre 3)

I am exited to hear what you guys have to say or should say SEE. Hope to see some comments soon and as always Stand Strong.