Month: May 2012

Sunny Days (video contest)

Oh what fun sunny days are here in Washington.

Please go vote for my video here: Dublin Dog


Year of the Dragon

2012 is the year of the dragon, The Great Gold Dragon is a symbol of power, knowledge and nobility. Dragons are just plan AWESOME and scary.

Waves of Gold

Waves of Gold

Please do not copy images it is under artist Copy Right  Garret Maytum (C) Thank you


Steam-Punk Ninjas

Banjo and Shamisen band Steam- Punk Ninjas has released their new album “Gears of Summer.”Have fun finding this album it has super ninja skills and is practically non-existent. This is my latest Photoshop project, oh yaa it was tons of fun, I had a hard time getting the likeness of the ninja down because he would not stay still, the only way I got him to sit down was to calm him down with some tea. Another weird problem that  made it a struggle to capture his profile was I could only draw him from the corner of my eye, if looked straight at him he vanished POOF!. Well enough of me rambling what do you guys think? Inspired by The Yoshida Brothers and good old  Westerns does it work?.  Tell next time Stand Strong my friends.

Steam-Punk Ninjas ” Gears of Summer”

Please do not copy image it is under artist copy right  (C) Garret Maytum. Thank you


The Squid

Giant Squid

Yaaaa it is a Squid, fluid, flexible, able to put up a fight and a creature of mystery.


To the Death

Man with No Name

The “White Canvas” is staring me done challenging me to a paint battle… Cue spaghetti western show down music.. gather James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Steam-Punk Ninja to add me in this epic dual….White Canvas we fight to the death.


Jumping In

Started working on a new art piece, I just jumped into it without any idea on how it is going to turn out……Oh how fun it is to create on the fly, running into some unexpected surprises. Painting from this song.09RUuTAM2H0?hd=1