time lapse

Dark to Light

Dark to Light Black to White…A Child of Light knows no darkness.


Salvation Shuffle (D.D.N 17)

I shuffle because I am thankful for His never-ending grace.


Da Dance (D.D.N 16)

Shoes our to the dancer, what a paint brush is to the artist

Color pencil and chalk on colored art paper


Dot to Dot Bowler (D.D.N 15)

Shoes click and hats twirl from dance to dance and dot to dot


Dot to Dot (D.D.N 14)

Dancing from dot to dot your hands follow an unknown path…what happens if you break from it? What happens if you believe?

What happens if you break the path?


Fire on the Wind (D.D.N 12)

Scorching winds rise into the sky taking flight on the dreams of tomorrow, flying higher and higher, as they burn away the worries of yesterday.

Please do not copy images they are under artist Copyright (C) Garret B. Maytum


Rising Flame (D.D.N 11)

A flame sparks to life rising and falling, flowing in the glow of the eternal Son

Rising Flame Setting Sun


Sunset Flight (D.D.N 10)

The Son takes flight setting the sky afire, bringing new life and purpose to those that are caught in His glow.


Pinky and the BRAINZZZ!!! (D.D.N 9)

“Are you pondering what I am pondering?” It is Monday some where in the world I am not behind just on a different time line then you normal people. If you know who this is you had a great childhood. 😀 B…Br…BRAINZZZ!!!


My master plan to take over the world is in motion, bow you pathetic humans!!!