Goldsworthy Project

Goldsworthy Project, an outdoor sculpture exploring design and nature.

Captured Design Elements.

  • Texture
  • Weight
  • Balance
  • Movement
  • Rhythm
  • Memory
  • Duration
  • Volume


  • Comfort
  • Shelter
  • Warmth
  • Protection
  • Fear
  • Community
  • Trust


Oil on wood panel

Surrendering Chroma

What if Color was drained away and only VALUE was left? Could you see with new eyes?

Oil on wood panel

Surrendering Chroma

Copyright Garret Maytum

  • Chroma (

Body Doodles

Tube of henna +  crazy artist = AW+SUM doodles

Lotus bracelet

Lotus bracelet

What do you guys think? What do you want to see more of? You can see more of my henna art here

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Coffee+ Art= Da Best

Green Way Artwalk.Adventure


Balkan Express (D.D.N 19)

I am working on half of a super secret music inspired, danceable, awesome, vintage art piece with a friend. So yes I did paint a dancer today but if I showed you I would have to hirer tea ninjas to kill you….and lets be honest…that would not be pleasant. For now just sit back and enjoy some tunes that are making my paint brush dance.



Year of the Dragon

2012 is the year of the dragon, The Great Gold Dragon is a symbol of power, knowledge and nobility. Dragons are just plan AWESOME and scary.

Waves of Gold

Waves of Gold

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Root Rot ( Description)

This world is not are home. If we do not reminder are selves of this we can easily become rooted in this world, caught up in the business of life. This is not bad but it will wear on us ,slowly drain the life from us, it will cage us in. The only place we can find true LIFE is if we are rooted in Christ.