My Life at a Glance

I am a thinker of strange things, a soul that has a body, a fallen man, a saved sinner, a warrior of the Living God. English is my second langue, Art is my first. God has called me to create for His honor and glory by standing strong in a world of crazy art. Regardless of the path He puts be for me, I will live in the moment. With Christ burning in my heart and fueling my every step. The video below is what believe to be true, in a nutshell



  1. What do you color/paint/draw with? And do you just scan in the pics to the computer or do you touch them up a bit digitally?
    Thanks =)

    1. Most of the time I just scan in my work from my sketchbook, then apply color correction in iPhoto. When I do an all digital piece like Fiery Fury, I use Coral Painter Essentials 4.

  2. I stink at self portraits thats why there is none, but I am getting better at them, who nose you might see one posted by the end of the summer. 🙂

      1. That’s cool! I got some great pics of Mt. Rainer from the sky, when I was flying in. One is still on the fridge…

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