Month: November 2012

Holly Jolly (D.D.N 20)

It’s a Holly Jolly time of year full of ugly sweaters, dancing, nukes, friends, eggnog, fuzzy hats and lots and lots of snow.

Tis the season to dance…lots and lots of dancing


Balkan Express (D.D.N 19)

I am working on half of a super secret music inspired, danceable, awesome, vintage art piece with a friend. So yes I did paint a dancer today but if I showed you I would have to hirer tea ninjas to kill you….and lets be honest…that would not be pleasant. For now just sit back and enjoy some tunes that are making my paint brush dance.


World with One Eye

What would happen if you only had one eye? Would you only see half of the world around you? Or would your imagination grow to compensate for your lose and fill in the blanks with fire-breathing dragons, lil blue people and furry three-toed gnomes? Just a thought! What do you think?


German garden gnome

German garden gnome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fire on the Wind (D.D.N 12)

Scorching winds rise into the sky taking flight on the dreams of tomorrow, flying higher and higher, as they burn away the worries of yesterday.

Please do not copy images they are under artist Copyright (C) Garret B. Maytum