In a crazy world that is hustling, bustling and running around like zombie crazed gnomes. One must take the time to see, What we are doing, Why we are doing it, and WHO we are doing it for. If you do this you will find that life is full of things that are…..AW+SUM like a math problem

Zombie Gnomes


Pinky and the BRAINZZZ!!! (D.D.N 9)

“Are you pondering what I am pondering?” It is Monday some where in the world I am not behind just on a different time line then you normal people. If you know who this is you had a great childhood. 😀 B…Br…BRAINZZZ!!!


My master plan to take over the world is in motion, bow you pathetic humans!!!

DJ Headcracker

It’s a Monday…Ahahaa Zombie Monday that is, today I introduce to you DJ Headcracker your friendly zombie that just wants to devour some tunes… and maybe some BRAINZ!!!

Speedball ink, Pental pens, Sharpie on Yupo paper

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Zombie Panda…and a Watermelon Balloon

Zombie Panda and a watermelon balloon. Don’t be gross that is just watermelon juice not blood. Why a Zombie panda? Why a watermelon balloon? Why do you think?
Pop art is pop corn in your.B..BR….BRAINZZZ!!!!!