Sunset Flight (D.D.N 10)

The Son takes flight setting the sky afire, bringing new life and purpose to those that are caught in His glow.


Pinky and the BRAINZZZ!!! (D.D.N 9)

“Are you pondering what I am pondering?” It is Monday some where in the world I am not behind just on a different time line then you normal people. If you know who this is you had a great childhood. 😀 B…Br…BRAINZZZ!!!


My master plan to take over the world is in motion, bow you pathetic humans!!!

Lover of the Light

When music takes hold of your mind and brings forth images and emotions that make you ponder and wonder, it’s a rare think. It is an even greater thing when you can capture them and share them with the world around you.

How does music inspire you? How does it change you?

Elk posing for photos in Wyoming.

Freedom is a choose, are you willing to live in the freedom  He gives?

DJ Headcracker

It’s a Monday…Ahahaa Zombie Monday that is, today I introduce to you DJ Headcracker your friendly zombie that just wants to devour some tunes… and maybe some BRAINZ!!!

Speedball ink, Pental pens, Sharpie on Yupo paper

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