The Work is Done!!!!

Ok, I’m back and have more of a plan of what my blog is going to be this year, instead of me just posting random picture throughout the week my art is  going to have a theme,a description, and a purpose. I will be making time lapses videos of the art in all its stages, so here is the first one of hopefully many to come.

Fighting for Purity


Purity : What is purity? pure,white,clean, seeking Gods desires not are own, Free from the thoughts of this world. In art purity is usually , a white rose,a maiden, or an angle. In my painting I chose to use a white tuple because tuple petals have a wax like coating on them that stops stuff (sin) from muddying the color (purity) of the tuple.

Sin: The storm cloud in the painting is the sin trying to corrupt  purity and cut is off from God notice that even though the sin is trying to hide God from us, God is always visible. The black cloth on the cross is  my sin that Christ has taken away to give me purity.



Life: The red swirls at the bottom symbolize life. Life is not as dark as sin but the business of it can distract us from what matters most. God



Here is the whole painting altogether hoped you liked it please comment and let me know.

fight for Purity

Fight for Purity