What do you thank of when you here the word legacy? The first thing that comes to my mind is a sword, you see I really like swords and I have study and research them quite a bit. One of the interesting things I found out was that in the Anglo-Saxon culture fathers passed down their swords to their sons very seldom did young men going off to battle have their own new sword, it was usually their fathers weapon that had seen many battles and had stood the test of time, that was refurbished and handed down to their sons. I thank that when the son wielded his father’s weapon he could trust it with his life and know that it would not fail him in times of need. So that got me thanking what legacy am I going to leave, am I going to leave a small dagger, a flimsy rapier, or a strong broad sword. What type of legacy are you going to leave?

LEGACY stage 1

LEGACY Stage 1

LEGACY stage 2

LEGACY Stage 2

LEGACY stage 3

LEGACY Stage 3

LEGACY final