Motion is a must. Direction is blind. Faith is seeing.

Blind Faith...is it truly blind?

Blind Faith…is it truly blind?


Surrendering Dreams

Something must be given “Surrendered” to dream bigger then this world. What is holding you back? What is making you settle for the ordinary?

What must be given to Dream out of this world?

What must be given to Dream out of this world?

Lover of the Light

When music takes hold of your mind and brings forth images and emotions that make you ponder and wonder, it’s a rare think. It is an even greater thing when you can capture them and share them with the world around you.

How does music inspire you? How does it change you?

Elk posing for photos in Wyoming.

Freedom is a choose, are you willing to live in the freedom  He gives?


As I shut my eyes to find peace and rest, my mind explodes into a million pieces. Shattering the world around me into shards of what it use to be. Sparks floating on the winds of yesterday ignite fires of creativity that burn tell they consume me. Burning away everything that is not in perspective and refocusing my eyes on the ONE  who has an all-consuming love for me.


Well here is my latest commission. 🙂 There is a lot of symbolism wrapped up in this little piece but before I reveal what the theme is and what everything symbolizes I would like to hear what you guys think. Tell me the first thing that comes to mind, than take a closer look and try to find all the meaning that are represented by the elements of the picture this piece was designed for everything to tie together and point towards one main theme. What  is the theme? I will post a later on, with what all the elements of the piece mean and where I got there meanings from.Please do not copy these pictures to any device they are under the artist copy right (c) Garret Maytum

A Little Different

While think of ways to tell you guys about my latest ” Though Provoking Picture” I decided to try some thing a little different, instead of me making video and telling you what to see in my art work. I am give you guys the chance to let me know what the picture means to you. What do you feel? what emotion does it strike in you? what do you think the meaning is? Does it make you want to change or do something? So please take the time to look closely at every detail and remember the first thing that pops into your head and post a comment letting me know what it is. I will post a video in week to wrap things up and tell you what I was thinking well creating this piece. Have fun, tell next time Stand Strong.

Click on the picture for a larger view and please do not copy this to any device it is under artist copy right. Thanks