The Eleventh Day of Christmas

On the eleventh day of Christmas Santa was performing a test flight over Hawaii and through a series of unfortunate events became stranded, along with all the reindeer, on a small island. Well Santa was basking in the sun enjoying his unexpected vacation from the busy holiday, he decided to call in a favor from a long time friend of his simple known as the “Doctor“. The Doctor was glad to help his stranded friend and took the job of delivering presents upon himself and let Santa get some much needed sun. As the Doctor was preparing for his new found job he happened to find a little creature chewing on the Tardis‘ control wires and causing all sorts of mischief. After several games of chase and hide and seek the little creature ,which preferred to be called Minn, would not leave the Doctors side so the he decided to take him along for the Christmas adventure. If you take all this and then add Glitch Floyd in to the mix you have the makings of a Christmas Switch Up Miss-Hap were the Doctor ends up in the completely wrong place to deliver presents but just might find the best Present ever.

A Christmas Adventurer

A Christmas Adventurer

I do not own rights to the characters of Minn or the Doctor. All other characters and images are originals and are under copyright.  Thank you and Merry Christmas


Computer go BOOM BOOM!

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Image by wallyg via Flickr

While I am having some computer trouble right now, it decided to reset my internet, email, and some school stuffs sooo…… I probably won’t post tell I get everything back to normal. Hopefully sooner than later “crosses fingers”. I am also leaving for vacation to Honolulu on sunday to visit my big bro and his family and just have any awesome time. While seen you later hope you have as much fun as I am going to have in the next two weeks. Stand Strong my friends