Walnut, Indian, and Acrylic Ink are my favorites I have also dabbled in Henna body art.

Dreams Fly Away

The Son rises, fills us with fire and cast new light into the shadows. Dreams that were once monstrous and glooming, now burst and fly away on the wind. Standing strong with purpose are eyes settle and capture new dreams. Dreams of the future that are as fragile as the flight of a butterfly.Fly Away Dreams

Dreams Must Fall

Running, running, running can’t stop. Falling, falling, falling out of control. Rising to fight and falling down…facing fears and failing. The void rises to swallow the flame, the life of the faithful….but is the faithful alone?

Is the faithful alone?

Is the faithful alone?


Surrendering Dreams

Something must be given “Surrendered” to dream bigger then this world. What is holding you back? What is making you settle for the ordinary?

What must be given to Dream out of this world?

What must be given to Dream out of this world?

Pinky and the BRAINZZZ!!! (D.D.N 9)

“Are you pondering what I am pondering?” It is Monday some where in the world I am not behind just on a different time line then you normal people. If you know who this is you had a great childhood. 😀 B…Br…BRAINZZZ!!!


My master plan to take over the world is in motion, bow you pathetic humans!!!