“Birds of a feather flock together” re-wording this quote into days terms it would sound like this “when you find a click stay with it”. This is an age-old habit of people groups and cultures bonding together over a center knowledge point. Like-minded groups are stronger and more effective at spreading “there” knowledge and opinions throughout the world slowly growing their numbers.This is  a practice of grouping together around people that “like what you like” is know as Homophily.

Honestly since starting school I have gotten use to a homophily lifestyle. Stuck in a close closed group of friends that I can trust and understand. I have lost time that I use to use keeping up with politics and world news. It is a habit I would very much like to change, I feel stuck in one spot and stagnate knowledge wise only seeing things from one perspective. The times I have felt most alive is when I have traveled and submersed myself in other cultures foreign to me. When you come in contact with the unknown and unfamiliar it causes you to actively think and explore not only the world but your my own mind and soul as well.


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