I couldn’t help but sketch something out well listening to this,I see a series of paintings burning through my mind. He has sparked a new a passion that I have lost in the business of life. What is my mission? “To Rise” from the ashes of my old life and charge ahead with His name burning in my heart and echoing from my lips.

We Rise



  1. Like your blog. Some great work here and I really thought the year of the dragon was great.
    Worth dying for is quite a scary video to the believer isn’t it?

    keep up the work and keep finding inspiration in the right place.

    1. Thank your for stoping by! I just sold “The Year of the Dragon” this week actually so yeah for that I a glad you liked it, there will be more like it to come soon. Worth Dying for shows me that life would be scary with out what He did for us, and it all so inspires me that if He was willing to dye for me that means I have purpose and a mission that no one else is called to.

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