Hearing Color?

Can you hear in color? if you close your eyes and listen to music what do you see? What do you imagine? For me It is kind of like this scene from Ratatouille. I see splashes of color mixing together and forming into pictures usually about something that I have been pondering or reading recently. Lets do an experiment! I am going post three different genres of music I would like you to listen to each of them but DON’T watch the video. Close your eyes and just listen and comment to this post tell me what you see. (Genre 1)   (Genre 2)  (Genre 3)

I am exited to hear what you guys have to say or should say SEE. Hope to see some comments soon and as always Stand Strong.




  1. O.k haha, my results were a bit weird lol. First Song; I seen lots of orange,with some white bursts, most way through the song until where it picked up before the end, then I seen some fushia pink and deep purple. Second song, pretty colorless, muted, orangish, and lots of dark shadows…Third video, orange and even brighter purple…I don’t know why but, I seen mainly only orange and purple variations throughout all three songs. Although I think for me personally, the first song was the most colorful, haha. I expected to close my eyes and see some green, because I remember closing my eyes and seeing that color before, but I didn’t actually…I think what I’ll do is, come back to this another time, and see if I still see the same colors when I listen to the songs haha. Interesting experiment.

    1. That is awesome 🙂 I think the color you see have lot to do with personality and emotions. For (1) I saw blue, blue-green, and muted green rolling and clashing like waves, it was really peaceful. (2) was the coolest for me! I pictured a gray background with all the back beats making small explosions of yellow and violet and the electric sounds looked like bright light blue lines kind of like a heart monitor cut across the whole picture. For the last song (3) a lot rich earth tones filled the background with ruby red and warm yellow twirling in constant motion, which cool because yellow and red supposedly make you feel alive and happy do to the high contrast so I guess it is true. Thanks for commenting 🙂 .

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