Sunny Day=Concrete Surfing

Hi there I haven’t posted in a while I just wanted to let you guys know what is going on .

Riding a longboard downhill

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College is going great at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (long name I know) I just registered for my second quarter of classes in the Multi-Media Design and Production program and I feel a little spread thin not knowing were to balance art and homework but excited at the same time because of the new things I am learning. I am currently in the process of illustrating a friend’s book that is going to be published on March 15 thought Lulu, the book is called Scribbling it’s a collection of short stories and poems. My room is starting to look more like an art studio now that I have big old filing cabinet , I am going to re-paint it and try some ambushing on it I will post pictures when I get around to it, and I finally hung some pictures to cover an empty wall. My mind is swimming with ideas that are just screaming to get on to paper, but it seem like time is the bane of the artist. I am going to start posting things from my sketch book so you can see what I am learning and see if I am getting any better :). Sorry I have not posted any videos in a while, I miss making them, but I am have some program trouble, nothing I can’t fix just haven’t gotten around to it. This was going to be a longer post about my sketch book updates, but it’s a sunny day out side and I am going to do some concrete surfing on my long board. Just have to put a plug-in for the best long board company ever. BC Long boards is small company that does custom graphics and is all around a great company. I bought a board from them last year and was able to design my own graphic

. Work Hard. Be Smooth. Live Free…Ride BC. While that’s all!


time to go carve some concrete. Stand Strong my friends.


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