The Forging of Kele

Tomorrow I start college at Lake Washington Institute of Technology, so I before I dive into a new experience and school and schedule I what to get one more post up. About three months ago I was commissioned to design and paint a picture around the name Kele. Biblically Kele has three different meanings they are a, 1)Vessel, something to be used to hold some thing or complete a task. 2) Weapon , something used to defend and fight for a cause or person. 3) Jewel, a stone or object that is taken and formed into something of beauty. I am going to do a much longer post and maybe a video of the thought process, research, time and just fun craziness that went into the forging of Kele. For now here a some picture for you guys to take a look at a tell what you guys thank and what you would like to know more about, What are some questions that you have about this piece? Please comment ask them or just to say hi, tell next time Stand Strong my friends in Him


A Warrior of the Living God


    1. A very hardy thank! I actually made the decision to make it a pattern steel blade after seeing some of your latest work at Mad Dwarf Forge so thank you for the inspiration.

  1. Nice! Must have been fun to make 🙂 Btw; where’s the name Kele
    in the bible? I’d like to check it out.
    … May God Bless your time at College and continue to guide
    you in standing strong!
    ~A.J. Childs

    1. It was! I had the chance to experiment with a watercolor on canvas, so it was a learning process but I am very glad with how it turned out 🙂 . Kele is not actually used as a name in the Bible but rather a word that is used to describe the things mentioned. One of my friends, who is now the owner of the work, was given the name Kele at my youth group to describe her godly character and personality.

      1. Thanks!! Just the info I was looking for! ‘Very’ cool. I was pondering the words ‘kell’, ‘kells’, and ‘kelley’ the other day and their meanings… I found it facinating that the world ‘kele’ is biblical in terms of hebrew orign. 🙂 it sounds like ‘kelly’ too lol. So,did you paint the picture for your friend?

      2. I am glad that helped :). Yes I did, Her mom is the one that commissioned me to paint the piece as a Christmas gift for her.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Doing this piece gave me some ideas for Goel’s sword and how we can make it unique to him but at the same time very simple.

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