A Little Different

While think of ways to tell you guys about my latest ” Though Provoking Picture” I decided to try some thing a little different, instead of me making video and telling you what to see in my art work. I am give you guys the chance to let me know what the picture means to you. What do you feel? what emotion does it strike in you? what do you think the meaning is? Does it make you want to change or do something? So please take the time to look closely at every detail and remember the first thing that pops into your head and post a comment letting me know what it is. I will post a video in week to wrap things up and tell you what I was thinking well creating this piece. Have fun, tell next time Stand Strong.

Click on the picture for a larger view and please do not copy this to any device it is under artist copy right. Thanks



  1. I really like how you depicted fear being a blind fold. It really can be. Pride as well. Both are blindfolds many choose to put on. I think someone who is blindfolded by his or hers own pride or fear, cannot see righteousness for what it is…Very nicely done picture. I also like how you added “knowledge” to the signs. A man can seek after knowledge and it will not be sufficient, fulfilling, or truly ‘God honoring’. Only a pursuit of Christ will lead the traveler to the sacred ground 😉 I must admit your picture has inspired something else which is coming to mind…

    I’m imagining, further down the road of your picture, of a man who chooses too take off his blindfolds and walk the path of righteousness for Christ’s namesake. I’m imagine the fruit of his choice. He will be blessed, he will never go thirsty, he will drink of the fountain welling up unto eternal life. Though his feet may be worn from walking on rough soil, his heart will be uplifted, and he will fly high on wings like an eagle, He will run and not grow weary, he will walk and not faint. By the grace of God he will reach the kingdom prepared for his dwelling, he will reamin in the presence of a loving King, and sing with the cherubim…

    Keep up the message filled art 😉 P.S You’ve fired my imagination

    1. Thank you for the input. It seems I got my message across rather well 🙂 . The funny thing is I have a second part to this piece in the makings right now, your thoughts have inspired some changes in the developing picture so a very hardy thank you for that. I am glade you like it!

  2. Here’s what I was thinking…

    When you look at the crossroads in this picture and what’s down each road, the choice is obvious, but for the person who is about to choose, it’s not. He’s been blinded by fear so for him right now, each path looks the same, dark. If he would only trust Christ and take off the blindfold, the way would instantly become clear.

    This is the way it is with us most of the time. We come to a crossroad and are unsure of which way to go because we’re letting ourselves be blinded by fear of the unknown, and cannot see the consequences of what each road might be. If we would only give Christ our fear and ask Him to show us the way, every choice we make would not look dark, but filled with His promises.

    Love the picture Garret. 🙂 Good idea with asking the question before making a video too!

  3. Awesome! This is so much fun hearing your guys views and seeing that they are all a little different but they are exactly what I wanted to portray. Thank you for take the time to comment even with all that is going on right now. 🙂

  4. hey, I’m going to take a stab at it…
    First off, I love how bold and contrasting this picture is. it really captures one’s attention.
    So… I see this picture as depicting how every person either constantly, or occasionally, (or eventually?) faces or will face times in their life where they come to crossroads in their life; that is, choices that they make that determine the course of the next chapter of their life, or it may be even a small everyday choice that will determine the course of their day? In your picture, the boy, or man, has the FEAR blindfold. Because fear is not of God, if you let it control your actions it will lead you away from God and his goodness and blessings. I think since fear is blinding his way, and fear is not of God and not from him, his choice of what crossroad to choose may not have the outcome that we all hope for or want. it may lead to gaining of knowledge to determine his worth as a person or to lust to attempt to satisfy his desires instead of the one true source of life. It’s depicting how we all face crossroads every day.. and when we are blinded by something not of God, it could very sadly skew our view of goodness and true life, and cause us to go else where.
    I’m excited to see your second part of this. 😀

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