Hearty Snack

Yummy is a Weird Word..

     First off my “Manly Apple Fritters” were amazingly yummy. They turned out perfect on my first try, paired with a strong cup of english breakfast tea they made a yummy, mood lifting mid-day snack….. yummy is such a weird word 🙂

A Dusting of Snow

A Dusting of Snow

Hearty Snack

Hearty Snack

Second, I updated and renamed a gallery, “A Year of Sunday Sermons” has a ton more pictures, you should take a moment and let me know what you think, these sketches are slowing making their way to my drawing board and becoming finished pieces, so please comment and tell me what ones you would like to see first.

John's Vision

John's Vision

Third, I am sick, so the video post I planed for this week has been postponed do to the fact that I sound like a dying hippo. Please do check back the video and the art work deal with a subject that has been bugging me for some time know the title is “The Cross Roads of Life” you don’t want to miss it. Stand Strong my fiends in Christ


This is what I feel like right now


A worrier of the Living God.



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