God Made Not Odd Made

Just me messing around with my camera, while experimenting with a new watercolor technic on a piece driftwood from Ocean Shores. “God Made Not Odd Made” is inspired by aboriginal art but with a little twist illustrating a Christian perspective on creation.


    1. Thanks, I have question was me talking in the little box annoying? did it add to the video?

      I will send my team of tea drinking ninjas a message to leave you alone 🙂

      1. Loved your video! Art teacher looking for wholesome, creative ideas for my kids and your process and outcome is really inspiring. Think I’ve got my lesson idea narrowed down now! Thanks so much, keep creating! You’re really good at it! Your center as a Christian hit home with me in my heart as well. Love your talent!

  1. Garret, this was awesome! My art students at a little Christian school just finished a unit inspired by aboriginal art, and running across your vid at this time was providential! I plan to share it with my students as an example of how artists can be inspired by other artists’ traditions without just copying it. You are mentoring young artists.

    1. Thank you very much. I am glad to be of serves. You have no idea how encouraging that is, just when I feel like I am not making a difference, God sends someone to tell me exactly what I need to hear to keep me pushing on. You made my day!

      Stand Strong

      1. My students have pronounced you “cool,” and one wondered if you were famous yet. All of them would like to know, though, how long you took to complete your artwork in “real” time?

  2. Great, I am glad they like it! No I am not famous yet, but Lord willing will be someday. From start to finish it took me around three and a half hours, it took me longer to edit and post the video then it did to paint the driftwood.

    Stand Strong

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