A Lady in Shadow

Back to the Real World…..

run Forest! run!

running leap and then trip and fall

Just like the title says I’m back from my vacation in  Garden Grove California. I thought I would come back ease into nice school schedule life would be good, but things rarely go as planed. It was more like a running leap trip then fall flat of face type of week. It’s been very hectic and I haven’t even started school, I’ve been looking at career options( Illustration of Landscape Architect are my biggest two) , reading, studying for my drivers permit, making design plans for are family garden ( that will be a later post), getting back into a work schedule with my two bosses and on top of all that my dog Mickey was attacked by a stray dog in are neighborhood and now has seven stitches which are now becoming infected ( huge vet bill). Know that I given you an over view on what my lives been like let me just say my God is AWESOME I don’t know what I would do with out Him to trust in and point my thoughts to when life seems to be going on around me and I’m just stuck floating doing nothing. Even though my life has been wild this past week it seems that I’ve had all the time in the world to do the thing that brings me joy, Art. When I draw all my fears, worries, and burdens mean nothing I’m at peace its like going on a vacation every time I look at a blank piece of paper and see the potential of what it could become.

Women in Shadows

"A Lady in Shadow: in progress

Here is one of the pieces I finished this week named “A Lady in Shadow” ( what a classic art name I know) it was done using earth colored chalk on Carson 18”x24” paper. I Started it as a quick gesture pose study but I was kind of sucked in to my art and this is the end result I’m very pleased on how it turned out, You see I hate drawing people, but I finally broke the ice with Gods helping hand leading the way.

A Lady in Shadow

"A Lady in Shadow" full

Women in Shadows

"A Lady in Shadow" close up

Cannabis plant

room to grow

I didn’t get everything right and still have lots of room to grow but that’s just life. For now I will continue to following my God and King to the best on my ability as a saved sinner. I pray that your week will go better than my did and if it does not remember God is always there even when we fill alone, so lean on Him. Stand Strong my friends holding things of this world loosely and holding fast to God.


A Warrior of the Living God.


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