What is IT?

Our you good at riddles because I have decided to do some thing new on my blog this summer. I am going to post pictures or at least part of a picture (can’t make it to easy) that have a riddle or question that goes along this them. What you have to do is comment and tell me what you see in the picture and what you thank the answer is. The only rule to the game is that you comment because if you don’t, I will just be sitting here playing all by my lonesome self. 😦 So here it goes. 😀

The creature in this picture is a dying breed on the verge of extinction but all hope is not lost, with our help we can bring them back to their former state . What is IT ?

I will post the answer after I see at least two people try to answer  or just guess what it is a picture of.

sense only one person has guessed what the picture is I will give you a guys a hint, A creature that is noble, fierce, majestic, and loyal to there (Master).

Well here it is. A creature (human) that is loyal to there Master (God) is fierce, noble, and majestic is a knight of  Christ. Why our knights forgotten know days? Why are  they  seen as a thing of the passed?  The way I see it if you are loyal to Christ fighting for His kingdom and His cause .why our not all Christians seen as knights of Christ? So are you willing to help me bring back the order of the Knights of Christ?

What is IT?

What is IT?

Knight of Christ

answer. A Knight of Christ



  1. Okay, it almost looks like something wearing some cool costume…. but I can’t link that to any creature. I want to say it’s a person, I “type” of person….
    I have a feeling this is a trick question. 😛 🙂

    1. Trick’d ya. your right I will post the answer in a few minutes ( a human is a type of creature).

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