Tools, every craftsmen has them but tools change with the trade. Well I am here to show you the tools of my trade each tool will have a picture and a brief description that fallows.

First off is me, Garret  Maytum

You might say I am the artist that uses the tool, but that is not the way I see it. You see if I did not see myself as a tool how is God suppose to use me? My art would have no meaning no passion I would be a brush working agains the  grain of the paper making marks that have little meaning.So I have chosen to work with the Craftsmen and let Him use me as He wishes flowing in His hand being used for a purpose and a dream.

Second is my most used and trusted tool that every one has wield at least once in there life. A pencil

Pentel clicker pencil fully loaded with B lead

Pentel clicker pencil fully loaded with B lead

Third is a little upgrade then  just a pencil, there COLORED pencils

Colored Pencils

Sanford, Prismacolor

Colored Pencils

General’s Kimberly, Derwent,

Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils

Next is a favorite of the Chinese and Indian cultures. Brush Pens

PITT pens, Sharpie, Zig, Staedtler, and Copic are some of the brands I use and recomme

Faber-Castell PITT pens,  Sharpie ,Zig,  Staedtler, Pilot Parallel and Copic Sketch are some of the brands I use and recommend

And to stick it all together is my throne, my plain of creation, my sanctuary well thats the way I see it, other people might see it as just a plain ordinary drafting desk.

Studio RTA Design Glass Top

Studio RTA Design Glass Top Drafting Table

And the last tools in my box are tools of the  modern artist. My Macbook Pro and  Wacom pen tablet.

Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro

Wacom intuos 3

Wacom intuos 3

the last two item aren’t really an art tools, brushes, or pens but they help me get through artist block and give me new perspective on art work that I can’t get quite right. They our my didgeridoo


and my Bible

Bible Reading

Because with out daily renewing of my mind my art would become dry and dead, like a paint brush full of old dryad paint it has no room to carry the new fresh paint so it becomes useless to the artist and is thrown away. Bible reading clears my mind of the things of this world and focuses them back on God the Master Artist.

Well for those of you who were wondering what my tools were there they our. Please comment if you have any further questions or if  you just what to say hi. See you all next friday in the mean time keep Standing Strong in Christ.


A warrior of the Living God



    1. Thanks I looked at Connect the Dots and really liked it so I copied you , the rooms done I just need to paint a dragon over Breanne’s butterfly that she painted on the wall. Other then that it’s done( finally). 🙂

  1. I’m curious about the “Wacom Intuos 3” – what is it exaclty and what do you use it for? Do you have to plug it into your computer?
    My brother draws avidly and I’m looking for good Christmas presents for him. =)

    1. The Wacom Intous 3 is a graphics tablet that takes the place of a computer mouse it allows you to create digital art while still feel like you are drawing with pen paper. It would make awesome gift because it comes with all the digital software he would need (Photoshop, Corel Painter ect.) to start comic book art, graphic design and the like. It is a little pricy but i have to say it is worth every penny. Here is a link to the Wacom site they no longer care the Intous 3 it is now called the intous 4 . Well hope that helps just comment if you have any more questions about anything this is what I created the blog for.

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