Whats New

I have  put up a bunch of new stuff, some of them are SERMON NOTES a gallery just for pictures I draw on my bulletin during church (bad habit I know). Another is THOUGHT PROVOKING these gallery was inspired by Frank E. Peretti and the way he writes about spiritual warfare in everyday life. And finally THE WONDERS OF TECHNOLOGY the pictures in here are solely done on my Macbook, most of  them are done just to see how far I can stretch my artistic talent. So have fun and go see for your self.



  1. Yes very 😉
    I worked on the cover last night everything looks good but the face is going to be a lot harder to change then I thought. I will email you what I have so far later today.

  2. Wow. I’m really impressed with how good you are at art; I especially like the Frank Peretti inspired art; he is one osf my favorite authors. 🙂

    1. Thanks (: I just started rereading ‘This Present Darkness’ so hopefully I will has some more up soon.

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